Welcome to the website of PrayFM.com, the first Christian online radio station in Latin America, which transmits dynamic programming from Costa Rica to the whole world.

 It is a pleasure for us to have you as your choice of preference radio. Thanks to God and to you, we continue to reach the most remote places of the planet every day through the web, carrying message of God to the world through our programming.

 In addition to know that you enjoy our select projects … interviews, reports, live programs and music, we are very happy that this 2017 will be our 13 birthday of being continuously in the air.

Please feel free to visit our website and add us on social media, on which we share update information about our ministry. Also you can request your favorite songs, as well as suggest topics of interest. You will also find sections such as: “About Us” that covers radio history, our social commitment, information about our esteemed collaborators and how to donate and contribute to this ministry.

It is worth mentioning that one our objectives on the radio, like “Ticos” that we are, is to help and support national singers and bands. But we will not leave out the ministries that are not from Costa Rica.


You can listen to us anywhere, anytime and by any of the following devices and social networks:


Once again thank you for sharing with us these 12 years at the service of the people of God.

Communications Dep.




  • First campaign of social work of the radio “Modo Pray”
  • Nominated to the best Christian radio station 2014-2015 at EXPOLIT.
  • Special talks for youth groups with the staff of the radio.
  • Community Pray (A group of the radio)
  • Over 7 million listeners.
  • More than 110 countries in the world reached.
  • Assisted in social work with other organiations and foundations.
  • Be-in at the best cultural and entertainment events.
  • Collaboration with the Costa Rican Ministry of Justice.
  • Representation in Teletón Costa Rica 2006-2007 2011-2012
  • International collaborations with different countries, such as USA, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and others.
  • Be on the air for more than 12 years and 24/7.
  • people from different churches, working together for God.